No matter the age, anyone can take some time to get back in touch with their inner child. One day, while I was perusing Twitter, I came across a Black artist named Makeda Lewis promoting the adult coloring book she’d made. I immediately checked it out. Titled Avies Dreams, the book’s description reads, “The images in this book are illustrations of dreams had by a girl named Avie after she saw the world for what it was and was subsequently institutionalized due to her lack of motivation for living conventionally. These pages explore themes including feminism, afrocentricity, death and rebirth, gender identity and power dynamics.”


This coloring book depicts images I haven’t seen before in this medium and carries themes that go beyond the traditional format for children. Though it’s for adults, I think young black girls would benefit from these messages about self-identity and acceptance.


One picture I really enjoyed shows a confident looking black girl, natural haired with cigarette in one hand as she stares off.

Another appears to be a different girl, looking off and down to the side almost shyly, but still exuding the air of being a bad ass. These are girls you want to know more about.


Looking at Makeda’s art gives me a feeling that she is someone we should pay attention to, especially considering how even from her Twitter (follow her @themakeda) you can tell how intelligent and real she is.

If you’re not convinced about Makeda by now, just look at the title of that piece and all the power in this warrior’s eyes. You’re going to want to pay attention. 

The files from Avies Dreams can be downloaded for free, and the physical copy and other art pieces can be purchased on her website. You can see more of her artwork on her Tumblr. Instagram a picture of your final pieces and @blavity so we can see them.

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