Cherry emoji = Sexual innuendo… thanks Beyoncé (see also: 🍑,🍆,🍉)

One of my personal favorites! Used to “peep” what’s going on, or to find out more info (see also:🌴👀🌴)

Nails just did, or more likely “and, so what?” ( see also:🌵)

Have you seen this before? It’s because someone was throwing shade or being freak nasty.

This is a goat, but in Emoji-land it stands for G.O.A.T. or greatest of all time.

Remember the Kermit meme? Meet its emoji counterpart. “But that’s none of my business…”

This one’s used for saying goodnight, throwing shade and for when you drop gems on the TL. It’s accompanied by the phrase “But I’m sleep tho.”

When something hits your petty oh so hard and you have no other words — use this.

This should be used when you solemnly swear that you’re up to no good. (see also:😈,😊,😔)

When the thirst is real and you give not one single damn.


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