Martina Big became famous for boasting her extreme blackface on Maury and for announcing that she had successfully transformed herself into a Black woman.

If you weren’t tired of her before, you’ll be happy to know that the once blonde German is making rounds again and was recently featured on the British television show This Morning, where she buckled down on her alleged Blackness and added that she and her husband would be giving birth to a Black baby. 

Her husband, who is equally German but wishes to darken his skin like his wife, donned a dashiki for the interview and foolishly nodded along to his wife’s assertions.

Now, we don’t need to explain to you how her baby will not be Black. But Big sincerely believes that through the use of injections, body modifications, weave and stiletto nails, she has transcended whiteness and become a woman of color who can identify with African roots. 

“I can clearly feel that I’m Black but it is really hard to explain to people who are not involved,” Big said before pushing forward with the idea that injections she received to protect her skin from the sun also changed her perspective on race and color. “The injections only started the process but being Black is not only the color, it is everything in total. When I go outside now, I get in touch with dark people much easier and when I compare to my African friends I have more in common than with my German friends.”

While both hosts tried to reason with the girl, Big would not be swayed. The interview shifted to talk of the white woman’s recent marriage and the potential of bringing a new life into the couple’s madness. 

“You’ve been told by a doctor that your children will be Black?” one of the hosts asked, her face skewed. “I don’t see how it’s possible genetically.”

Big confirmed she would love the baby regardless of its color, telling the hosts, “I’m sure it will be Black, or milk chocolate or a little bit lighter.”

If you have the patience, watch the full interview below:

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