Erykah Badu fans are in for a treat amid the coronavirus pandemic. No, her punani-scented perfume isn't back in stock, but the "Didn't Cha Know" singer announced via Instagram on Wednesday she is planning on conducting a series of livestream concerts.

Performing live this weekend from her bedroom, Badu is charging her fans $1 admission to a unique concert experience from Dallas, Texas, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"Peace and love. The show must go on," Badu said. "Introducing the quarantine concert series live from my bedroom. We will be performing here live this weekend."

With 2020 tour dates which were slated from February through November, Badu was scheduled to tour in various metropolises, including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Cleveland, New Orleans and Dallas, according to her website.

The livestream is an interactive experiment from her “Badubotron” called Apocalypse One. Virtual attendees who paid their admission can choose which songs she will perform using a poll.

As the coronavirus spreads, Badu has been spreading her optimistic charm on social media.

But the series isn't the only unique way Badu has acknowledge the coronavirus pandemic. As Vogue reports, on March 12, Badu sported a Louis Vuitton hazmat suit, to the Texas Film Awards where she won the Filmmakers & Soundtrack Award.

Vogue described her "social distancing couture" as a "creative way of addressing the fears and legitimate concerns people are dealing with in connection to the coronavirus outbreak."

Although it's a stylish hazmat suit, Badu admitted the outfit is not practical in defending her from the coronavirus.

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What u talkin bout Badu ? ???? What does all this say ? I’m talkin about Art and Fashion. “Badu has provided a winning example of how high fashion can brighten a bleak situation…..In a moment when the news is frightening, and the response from government officials continues to be less than inspiring.” – Vougue . But I’m also here to correct any misconception that THIS suit will in any way protect one from the corona virus . I had hoped that THIS SUIT would protect me from bullshit .. I guess I’ll have to take this mf back????.. but seriously … ———————————————————————- _____________IMPORTANT QUESTION ______________ Did the Coronavirus’ “fear epidemic” – wait , AND IN NO WAY ARE WE DIMINISHING THE SEVERITY OF THE PANDEMIC- again . Did the coronavirus’ “fear epidemic really create “SOCIAL DISTANCING “ & CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION / OVER-CONSUMING? An Open dialogue .

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"I’m also here to correct any misconception that THIS suit will in any way protect one from the coronavirus . I had hoped that THIS SUIT would protect me from bulls**t .. I guess I’ll have to take this mf back," she wrote on Instagram.

The concert series isn't the latest venture Badu's announced that is on brand with the singer's persona.

As Blavity previously reported, Badu recently debuted an incense she created to smell like her vagina. As of this reporting, her "Badu Pussy Premium Incense" product is sold out.