Director Jordan Peele's overnight blockbuster movie Us has already cemented itself as one of the best horror films of this generation. The film's ending has undoubtedly caused viewers to formulate their own theories and lead actress Lupita Nyong'o helped it to make history as the largest domestic debut weekend gross for a movie headlined by a Black woman. 

The film had plenty of imagery to grasp the audience's attention, but one thing some viewers may have overlooked (but many did not) was the mesmerizing sight of lead actor Winston Duke's thunder thighs.

Without giving any scenes away from the blockbuster success, here are the 32-year-old's thighs for your satisfaction.


The Black Panther star's assets have Al Gore's internet demanding a sequel with them as the starring role.

No matter if you end up seeing Us or not, one thing remains certain: thick thighs saves lives.

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