The View co-hosts clashed with presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., as he appeared on the daytime television show on Monday and shared his stance on systemic racism and issues involving the LGBTQ+ community.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the heated debate began when Sunny Hostin asked Scott about systemic racism. The senator previously had a tense moment with longtime View co-host Joy Behar over his views on the issue, stating he didn’t believe it existed in America.

“When it comes to racial inequality, it persists in five core aspects in the United States: economics, education, health care, criminal justice and housing,” Hostin explained to Scott. “You have indicated that you don’t believe in systemic racism. What is your definition of systemic racism?”

Scott responded to Hostin and stated one of the reasons why he appeared on the show was to expound on the comments about him and race in America.

“The only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule,” Scott told the panel. “That is a dangerous, offensive and disgusting message to send to our young people, that the only way to succeed is by being the exception.”

As the senator proceeded with his monologue, Hostin interjected to talk about the rise in homelessness in the Black community. Scott then fired back at the former prosecutor to complete his thought on the issue.

“You had your chance to ask the question. I’ve watched you on the show. You like people to be deferential and respectful, so, I’m going to do the same thing,” Scott told Hostin.

Scott then talked about his family’s background and experiences as Black Americans before Goldberg cut in for a commercial break:
“I need an opportunity, because I have to go to break. They’re begging.”

Scott responded to the award-winning actress and said he was “just getting started.”

He then stood up from his chair and said, “I believe all people can see the success that I’ve had,” and sat back down in his chair. “Oh. Oh, OK,” he added as they took a commercial break.

When the show returned, Goldberg asked Scott why the GOP wants to “stop the progression that people are making” with racial equality. Scott then praised the Republican Party on its response to social issues, prompting Hostin to ask him to elaborate on his points.

As Scott turned his back on Goldberg to answer the question, she said, “That was me talking to you, so I’d love that. Shall I come next to her?” The 67-year-old walked around to Hostin’s side, and Scott then turned his back on Ana Navarro and Sarah Hines.

“Your back looks pretty damn good from here,” Navarro told Scott.

A member from the production crew signaled to Goldberg for a commercial break, but she insisted the person tell Scott himself. The crew member appeared on the screen and said they would return after the pause to the senator.

As the co-hosts returned from another break, Hostin stated they invited Scott on the show to discuss important issues in the country. When he insisted it was an argument between him and the co-host, she corrected him and said it was a discussion.

Navarro then used her time to ask Scott a question and said “Happy Pride” to the audience. She also wanted to hear his thoughts on Republican Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ harsh pushback against Disney and his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, forcing educators not to teach young children about sexual orientation in schools.

Scott favored Desantis and believed the issues “indoctrinated” people, causing a stir of boos from the audience. Goldberg then called out an audience member for disagreeing with Scott.

“Not here. I’m sorry, sir. Do not boo. This is The View,” Goldberg yelled to the audience. “We accept we don’t have to believe everything people say, but you can’t boo people here, please. You cannot do it.”

Watch Sen. Tim Scott on The View below: