Amid the ongoing crisis happening right now in Gaza, The Weekend is lending a helping hand by donating $2.5 million.

On Dec. 1, the United Nations World Food Programme, which offers food services to over 100 million people in 80-plus countries worldwide on an annual basis, revealed that the “Dawn FM” singer made a generous donation that will serve a massive amount of Palestinians, Billboard reported.

In 2021, the Grammy winner was announced as a goodwill ambassador by UNWFP. His XO Humanitarian Fund has contributed and pledged $5 million to support people worldwide since its inception.

“This conflict has unleashed a humanitarian catastrophe beyond reckoning. WFP is working round the clock to provide aid in Gaza but a major scale up is needed to address the desperate level of hunger we are seeing,” Corinne Fleischer, UNWFP’s director for the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe Region, said in a statement provided to Billboard.

The funds were given at a pivotal time — after the short-lived peace agreement between Israel and Hamas, which began on Nov. 24 and was renewed twice before ending on Dec. 1, per Al Jazeera. The UNWFP jumped in immediately to deliver produce like bread, canned food, wheat flour, pasta, tomato sauce and oil to over 121,000 people in Gaza. The Idol actor’s assistance will help the program with its goal of feeding over a million Palestinians in Gaza.

The $2.5 million donated by The Weeknd equates to 4 million meals, which can help feed over 173,000 Palestinians for at least two weeks.

“Our teams need safe and sustained humanitarian access, and continued support from donors to reach as many people as we can,” Fleischer added. “We thank Abel for this valuable contribution towards the people of Palestine. We hope others will follow Abel’s example and support our efforts.”