In a very well-timed decision, Nike announced Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign both on Labor Day and a few days before football season begins.

This caused a heap of saltiness to pour out of Kaep's haters, the most vocal of whom posted images of themselves burning and cutting up their Nike products. On the flip side, Kaep's supporters doubled-down on their love for the icon and basically told Nike, "Hurry up and take our money!"


Nike said, "just do it," so they did!

Some took the Kaep shade as yet another reason to break out their freshest kicks! 

And of course, there were obligatory "Air Force Ones" references:


One user called out the haters for their self-destructive tantrums. A shoeless hater doesn't have much to stand on.

You know you have support when folks go to bed wearing your product, despite it not being sleepwear. 


— ALT- Immigration ???? (@ALT_uscis) September 4, 2018

And yes, the popular shoe brand had military support, too!

Some folks reacted by saying, "Oh, you're boycotting arguably the most popular sports shoe brand? Good, maybe the damn lines for new releases will be shorter." 

Folks were perched in formation waiting to get more Nike products.

Serena Williams, another athlete Nike has fully backed despite white pushback, took to Twitter on Tuesday to reiterate how proud she was to be associated with the brand:

And of course, folks were ready to throw some shade at the Kanye who has gone the extreme opposite direction of someone like Kaep.

The bottom line is, Nike won't be hurting. In fact, as some were quick to point out, signing Kaep might have been a public relations coup, but it was also very good business.

Whew, the shade! 

Among all the commentary was also some next-level business advice for people who aren't in Nike's C-suite:

Nike going to be like …


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