Dallas residents trapped in a raging apartment fire are safe now due to the efforts of a group of brave men.

According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, six residents, including a small child, had to jump from the third floor last Wednesday. Fire tore through the Meadows apartment complex preventing tenants from escaping their units. 

Bystanders took a mattress from the first floor and convinced the trapped tenants to jump. Among the group on the third floor were a mother and a baby.   

“I told her to drop the baby down. First, she hesitated. I told her I’m gonna catch the baby. So she finally trusted me, and she dropped the baby,” said hero Bryon Campbell. “It’s real crazy. It’s my first time doing that.”

The Dallas Morning News reports Campbell saw the flames from afar and drove to the scene to help residents

“At least six people from the third floor who actually had to jump to safety. Among those six was a baby who they had to throw down,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson Jason Evans.

Fire ravaged the building so severely all 24 units had to be demolished, leaving tenants without a home. The Red Cross has stepped in to provide temporary shelter for the victims.

Only two people suffered non-life threatening injuries. Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire. 

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