In the past few weeks, it seems that white people have been all too eager to call the police upon a sighting of melanin. The most recent instance took place in Oakland, California, where a white woman called the police on two black men trying to barbecue. When the woman realized that she should have minded her business because the area was a designated area to charcoal grill, she began to cry a stream of white tears that no one is here for. 

Fast forward to now, fellow residents of Oakland have since decided to turn up the petty meter by having a full-blown cookout in the same spot that she tried to run them out of.

But those who aren't in the Oakland area have added their due pettiness by turning this woman into the most appropriate meme ever. 

We have to wonder at what point was she triggered and compelled to call the police. Was it more than one black person congregated in a public place? Or maybe the sight of black people having fun is deserving of law enforcement?  From this notion, the internet has united to figure out what other events this woman may have reported to police.

Oh she would absolutely call the police if she walked up on this. ????????????

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Black people are just trying to live their best lives in the best way that we know how. Please don’t police it.