Meet the Phillips sisters.

Layla Phillips, six, and Roxy Phillips, four, have been on earth less than a decade and are already killing the game. Literally.

The two have been tearing up the golf green in a way Steph Curry can only dream of since the age of two.

Layla, in particular is already winning big competitions, taking the top prize in a Southern California PGA drive, chip and putt competition, according to ABC 7 News. Her PGA victory qualifies her to play in a junior world competition, where she’ll battle it out against kids from countries as varied as Japan, China and Mexico.

Hmm, so two young athletes from Compton showing huge promise at an early age — remind you of anyone?

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"They are very, very good. I can only compare them to the sisters Williams in tennis," said Help Youth Through Golf CEO Luis Batson. His nonprofit teaches golf to young hopefuls throughout California.

Although they began to learn the game at just two-years-old, the sisters already have their own favorite styles.

Roxy prefers putting while Layla likes hitting on the fairway.

And if you thought the story couldn't get any better, you're wrong!

What got the girls into golf wasn't television or a golfing parent; it was where they lived.

While living next to South Los Angeles’ Maggie Hathaway Golf Course, the girls' mother, Jasimen Phillips, began to grow irritated at the number of golf balls that landed in her backyard. She wrote a letter to the course, asking them if they couldn't do anything about it.

As a way of apologizing, Maggie Hathaway offered her free family golf lessons. 

Phillips took the course up on its offer, and the rest is history.

As excited as she is about her daughters' success, to Phillips sport is just one element of building a complete person.

"In our family, education is always the first priority," Jasimen Phillips told ABC. "So our first goal is full-ride scholarships to Stanford. Everything else after that is icing on the cake."

Given their propensity to excel, we’re sure scholarships are around the corner as well!