If you're anything like the most of us, Uber, Lyft, or both even, are the most used apps on your phone. We use these ride-sharing services all the time from going to the airport to going out on the weekends. Now, a new, black-owned ride-sharing app is on the scene and hopes to provide competition for the big two.

Recently profiled by Essence, Moovn, which was first launched in 2015, is led by Godwin Gabriel. It is currently available in seven U.S. cities and 3 in Africa. Gabriel was born in Tanzania and taught himself how to code. 

Photo: UrbanGeekz

In an interview with UrbanGeekz, Gabriel said, "The market, for the most part, is currently being dominated by Uber and Lyft with these companies enjoying the benefits of having first mover advantage with the transportation technology space. However, we’re confident that the global market remains sizable enough for all of us to fit in and play.”

What sets Moovn apart from the others? For one, it allows you to pre-schedule rides up to a month ahead of time. You also can select the vehicle type as well, among other options that Lyft and Uber do not offer. 

A black-owned business coming into the market is a big move as a recent study shows Uber discriminates against black and women passengers

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