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This Painfully Hysterical Cartoon Mocking Today's 'WYD' Dating Culture Is Bringing Dry Texts To Life And Twitter Is Dying

"How Men Communicate in 2018" is just sad.

Dating isn't easy. Even with social and dating apps and an almost unlimited amount of tech at our disposal, it can be nearly impossible to find someone with whom to connect.

Options are slim, and conversations can be drier than Death Valley. These things do not bode well for those looking to strike up some romance. In a new animated short created by Munirah S. Jones, a text convo comes to life showing just how unfulfilling dating can be in 2018. 

The short entitled "How Men Communicate in 2018" puts the focus on dudes' lackluster conversational skills. Two people sit at a table in a fine dining establishment on a date. There is a bottle of wine in between the pair as the woman tries diligently to engage with the man.

She asks about his hobbies. He responds with vague statements that reveal nothing. "What are you doing," he asked as if he isn't on a date.

She asks him what he ultimately wants to get out of dating. And then, he disappears like Casper the ghost. When she gets upsets by his aloofness, he rants about the type of man he is, attacks her appearance and lists his jobs which include being a prostitute.

What adds to the comedic take is Jones voices both male and female characters. Black Twitter seemingly tore itself apart over this 3-minute cartoon. Women could not help but relate to the stoic man, and men couldn't believe women dealt with guys like this.

 Take a look for yourself: 

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