A 4-year-old is winning hearts all over the internet with a video of her speaking her mind and making a melody of a phrase that runs through most minds on a weekly basis, at the least.

Video of Milan Marie rhythmically proclaiming, "I want you to leave me alone," has amassed over 237,000 views on its original Instagram post.

Milan's mom, Jovan Phillips-Lloyd, was able to catch the candid moment with all the falsettos, runs and passion of the little girl's voice. Phillips-Lloyd called her daughter's vocal masterpiece a “banger.” Milan has always been chock full of personality and has been singing since she first had the ability to talk, 6ABC Philadelphia reported.

The little girl is no stranger to the spotlight especially since her Instagram page, which is managed by her mother, has over 370,000 actively engaged followers.

Milan is constantly making up her own melodies to her own beat in the backseat of her mother’s car, according to Good Morning America.

“She's always added her own melody and sang with so much heart," Phillips-Lloyd told Popsugar. "When she turned three, I began to see a change in her made-up songs where she would add more of her own lyrics, and you could tell she actually knew what she was trying to say and sing."

Taraji P. Henson was impressed by Milan, too. The Empire actress posted the video of the self-proclaimed “mini influencer” to her own Instagram page, where it received over a million views. 

“It’s the vibrato for me!!!” Henson wrote in the post's caption. “SHE IS A BIG MOOD!!!”

Other celebrities and influencers such as Janet Mock, Erica Campbell, Tamar Braxton and Regina King commented on Henson's post applauding Milan.

“Its the shoulder roll for me. If y'all see me hit the subtle shoulder roll you know I want the mofo in my face to "LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE,” King commented on the post.