Prior to the rise of Ashley Graham and her contemporaries, society hasn't been particularly open-minded about models who buck preconceived notions of beauty. These societal beauty standards usually call upon dated Western ideals which don't leave much room for diverse body types or skin colors. 

While there has been tremendous momentum behind embracing all body types for women in the past few years, the support for plus-sized men isn't quite there yet. However, model Darnel Ghramm wants to eliminate these obstacles for plus-size male models with a new photo series. 

Ghramm recruited other male models for the photo series titled #WeAreBigAndTall from various backgrounds to recreate a Calvin Klein advertisement in the same vein as Diana Sirokai’s body-positive spin on a Calvin Klein ad featuring the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Captured by photographer Tony Trott, the incredibly dope photo series reimagined what the Levi's advertisement could have looked like if only plus-size male models were used in it. 

#Repost @dghramm ・・・ They asked...Have you ever seen a Plus Male Model? Do they even exist? What even constitutes as a plus size man? Then they asked...Does anyone remember that ‘Plus Size’ Calvin Klein campaign? Well, do you?! . I decided to bring together a few plus males with different ethnicities, height, sizes & shapes to answer these questions & recreate the 'Plus Size Male' shoot Calvin Klein missed out on. We EXIST and we are constituted by many different things. Whether big, tall or simply fall outside of the worlds standards, we are ALL handsome and worthy, FACT! - @dghramm . So, do we exist? Which photo do you prefer Top or Bottom?!? #wearebigandtall . 📸: @tonytrottphoto . . #celebratemysize #mycalvins #goldenconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #honormycurves #plussizeblogger #fatshion #bigandtall #bigandtallfashion #plussizemalemodel #brawn #bigandtallmodel #mensfashion #menswear #menstyle #mensstyle #fashionblogger #styleblogger #model #antm #calvinklein #styleandcurve #hypebeaststyle #fashionbombmen

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“Because we’re big and tall, it doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing the things an industry standard size model can do or that we shouldn’t have the same opportunities,” Ghramm wrote on Instagram for a photo he posted from the series. 

“[It] doesn’t mean we’re not worthy of proper representation or respect in society or be fairly represented in the fashion industry because guess what? We wear clothes and have killer style too.”

Trust me when I say, "Believe in your f*cking self & you’ll be unstoppable!" What you think of yourself is way more important then what they think of you. So be mindful of your self talk, be good to yourself. Encourage yourself the same way you encourage others, your worth it. - @dghramm #wearebigandtall . Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right. -Henry Ford . 📸: @tonytrottphoto . . #celebratemysize #mycalvins #goldenconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #honormycurves #plussizeblogger #fatshion #bigandtall #bigandtallfashion #plussizemalemodel #brawn #bigandtallmodel #mensfashion #menswear #menstyle #mensstyle #fashionblogger #styleblogger #model #antm #calvinklein #styleandcurve #hypebeaststyle #fashionbombmen

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The lack of knowledge about male plus-size models is the cause of many issues Ghramm wants to address, as many people likely believe that they don't exist.

There are also conversations about how plus-size models fit into the body positive discussion. Women have historically been critiqued about their bodies. Ghramm and the models featured don't want people to continue thinking that men with an athletic build are the standard. There are diverse male body types and plus-size models who are just as worthy of opportunities. 

“I’m not here to be ‘the standard,’” Ghramm wrote on Instagram. “I’m here to go against the norms of life and the industry by simply being me, not a mold. To show and inspire people to love themselves and make their dreams a reality, amongst all the criticisms.”