A group of internet trolls is threatening to report sex workers to the IRS.

It all began on Sunday when the hashtag #ThotAudit began to circulate on Twitter thanks to blogger Daryush Valizadeh, according to Newsweek. Valizadeh claimed the movement was started by a Facebook user known as David Wu. The #ThotAudit movement calls on men to report women who make money from social media accounts used to send sexual videos and pictures to the IRS, arguing that the women are dodging taxes.

The hashtag caught on with right-wing trolls, misogynists and incels, or involuntarily celibate men, with clearly too much time on their hands.

As the hashtag picked up steam, a number of allies made their support for sex workers known.

Despite the celebration among the incels, it would appear the trolls don’t have a leg to stand on. According to Motherboard, the IRS needs to know a lot of a person’s business for a report to be successful.

The agency requires reports to include a taxpayer identification number, a full legal name, the estimated amount of unreported income and a home address. Additionally, they cannot be made anonymously or under a pseudonym. Finally, all of that information has to be mailed in and is never accepted electronically.

Despite these strict guidelines, #ThotAudit rattled many sex workers, with some saying they've left the industry.

“I think it was all a big joke at first that went way out of hand, because now this large group of men are reporting sex workers to the IRS for tax evasion, and all of these women are shutting down their accounts now in fear that they’re going to be arrested for doing sex work,” an anonymous sex worker told Motherboard. “I don’t know if it actually matters or not, but a lot of girls are now losing their primary source of income because they’re afraid they’re going to get charged.”

Another woman, who relies on the online sale of content to pay her bills, said she's shut down her accounts. “I halted any and every subscription I had because I don’t want to get into any more trouble than I’ll already be in if it does go through."

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