We live in a time where cable television has become vintage, and the internet is a necessity right after food, clothes, and shelter. After you've binge-watched everything worth watching on Netflix and Hulu, don't fret, there's still more! 

Here are three web series you'll be craving for the next season to drop after you've watched all episodes. 

Thank me later.

Tough Love Web Series

This web series documents the life of six millennial friends living in New York City. Just about every relationship status is represented in the circle, making this series far too relatable. You have the Situationship, Heartless Single Lady, Ruthless Bachelor and the Long-Term Couple. When financial difficulties arise, the crew participate in a case study geared towards yuppies and their love lives. Things get sticky when the truth pours out, watch it unravel on BlackandSexy.tv (the black Netflix for independent films and series) or YouTube.


Rider is an LA-based web series about the day in a life of "Rider" drivers. Think Uber-meets-Taxi Cab Confessions. From the most awkward and uncomfortable situations to the most hilarious, jaw-dropping scenarios, Rider really captures the essence of the driving app culture one ride at a time.This series can be also be found on blackandsexy.tv or YouTube.

MakeUp x BreakUp 

This series follows the unstable relationship of Brooke and Blake. When Brooke decides to pull the cord on their two-year relationship, it takes Blake for a loop. Confused, yet unwavering Blake jumps right back into the NYC dating scene while Brooke dabbles back into her past. See where this couple ends up on YouTube.

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