Texas school teacher Sonja White became an internet sensation after she turned her first-grade classroom into a Southwest Airlines flight for her students as they pretended to be on a virtual trip to Mexico. After witnessing the educator’s fantastic idea online, the airline made the children’s dreams come true by inviting them to a real-life aviation experience.

“Okay internet you win. After watching Ms. White’s viral video, we knew we had to give these young aviators a field trip they’d never forget!” the company captioned a TikTok video shared to its account, per CBS.

In the two-minute stitched clip, Mrs. White shared her virtual classroom trip before transitioning into her and the first-graders from her school arriving at the Southwest Dallas Maintenance Hangar, where staff members had taken them on an exciting tour that the youngsters would never forget.


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According to Southwest’s TikTok video, this was the first time many students had ever gone on an airplane. They were greeted by Southwest’s Boeing 737 MAX 8, where they chatted with pilots who shared their passion for the aviation industry and technicians who demonstrated the maintenance needed to keep people safe.

While aboard the plane, the students were gifted a small set of wings, enjoyed snacks provided by the flight attendants and received invaluable advice from one of the pilots who participated in the tour.

According to the airline’s TikTok video, the pilot told the the inspired first-graders to “always follow their dreams and stay true to their hearts.”

The fun-filled day continued as the teachers and principal were given two round-trip tickets to any destination with the airline. They all enjoyed music from a live mariachi band and authentic Mexican cuisine, per CBS Austin.

The children wore their Southwest Airlines winged glasses and posed for a photo to end the tour. It’s safe to say these children had an unforgettable time, thanks to the innovative teaching from Mrs. White.

In October, Blavity reported that Mrs. White had gone viral in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by creating a mock trip to Mexico. The video was shared by thousands of users online who praised the educator for creating a unique and memorable experience for her students.


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