A viral TikTok video shows a Black couple hilariously rating each other and how good they looked back in the day, and the social reactions were priceless! 

On Monday, TikToker user Mikala (@mikaaameeks) posted a video to her account featuring an older couple staring at a photo of their younger selves. They each took turns sharing what they loved about their partner and how they used to turn heads with the opposite sex.

In the 41-second clip, Beyonce’s “Cuff It” plays in the background as the woman answers how she would rate the man in the snapshot.


a classic 🫶🏾 #fyp #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Mikala

“Dear Lord, my dear, fabulous!” the woman exclaimed. “When I say fabulous, Idris Elba, go away. This one is much better looking, and guess what? He’s my hubby. So, I would say, at least close to 100.”

Then, it was the man’s turn to answer the question, and his response was as heartwarming as his wife’s.

“One foxy little lady, that’s right,” he said in the clip. I’m telling you, there might have been a hundred bubbles inside there, man. I give her about a hundred or a thousand bubbles.”

The wife had additional information to share about her husband and how he nearly had every woman’s attention.

“Tell you, he was hot to trot,” the woman said. “Jesus! Women, their heads used to turn!”

The post garnered 1.3 million views on the video-sharing platform, with other TikTokers sharing their thoughts on the couple’s incredible looks.

“Mom looks like Anita Baker!” one user shared.

“They FINE fine 😍,” another commented.

“They was fineeeeee back in the day honeyyyy,” a third user wrote.

The clip has since circulated on X, formerly known as Twitter, sparking user reactions on the platform.

“They’re still gorgeous as old folks. Beautiful couple,” @tweetsofjess remarked.

“I love the way she was bragging about how he was turning heads. Hell, he probably still turning heads,” @AJanay_AJG said.

“lmao sholl was. I like seeing stuff like this. goes to show looks fade but the love & attraction is waaaayyy stronger!” @bickenbackkbool stated.