Chick-fil-A employee and TikTok star @mirithesiren secured a deal with Shake Shack just days after being told by Chick-fil-A’s PR team that she could no longer post food review videos on the platform due to company rules. 

According to Just Jared, Miri, who works at a local Chik-fil-A, became a TikTok sensation after posting her free employee meals to the video-sharing app daily. Her content inspired others to try new things, but the popular fast-food chain recently put an end to it. 

Miri, 22, shared a video last week to her TikTok account, explaining why she would no longer post videos of her Chick-fil-A meals. 

“Right after my last video, the cherry berry video hit 2 million views,” Miri said in the clip. “I was reached out to by Chick-fil-A upper management and PR to let me know that my videos actually breaks a rule in our employee handbook.” 


Chick-fil-A Corporate has asked me to stop making content. I’m sorry you guys :/ Thank you for all the support and love but an era has ended. “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of TC&Js Enterprises, Chick-fil-A Whittwood, nor Chick-fil-A, Inc.” #fyp #chickfila #chickfilaemployee #chickfilasauce #chickfilahacks #curlyhair #blackgirl

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She continued, “I do want to make clear that this rule was in place before I ever started making Chick-fil-A videos, and unfortunately Chick-fil-A is not willing to make an exception for me or collab with me in this case.”

Miri also reassured her viewers that her actions or statements in her videos did not lead to any disciplinary action. Instead, the decision was made based on a preexisting company policy that had been in place long before her employment. She had been posting videos of her reviews since January, and she has garnered millions of views and thousands of followers from her content. 

Wrapping up the video, Miri expressed her status as a “free agent” and her eagerness to collaborate with other brands. 

Her dream materialized when she shared a video on her TikTok account Sunday, endorsing Shake Shack’s latest Chicken Shack sandwich. 

“Went to @SHAKE SHACK and tried their CHICKEN SHACK – and you can too! Every Sunday in April you can get a free Chicken Shack with $10 minimum purchase using code CHICKENSUNDAY,” she wrote in the post’s caption.


Went to @SHAKE SHACK and tried their CHICKEN SHACK – and you can too! Every Sunday in April you can get a free Chicken Shack with $10 minimum purchase using code CHICKENSUNDAY. #shakeshack #shakeshackpartner #chickenshack #fyp

♬ original sound – mirithesiren

The video has reached 1 million views on TikTok, with Miri’s supporters sharing their own thoughts on her partnership with Shake Shack. 

“Ooop! CFA dropped the bag and Shake Shack grabbed it. Love to see it 😍 love this for our girl 🥰,” one TikTok user said. 

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! ON A SUNDAY TOOOO,” another wrote. 

“Posting this on a Sunday.. MAKING MOVES MIRI!” a third social media user wrote. 

According to PRWeek, Shake Shack’s brand marketing team loved the authenticity Miri brought to her review videos and decided to make her part of the team. The collaboration initially started from a DM on TikTok that led to a phone call from Mike McGarry, the company’s VP of brand marketing.

“Miri happens to be from St. Louis like our founder, Danny Meyer, so our offerings like frozen custard are familiar favorites,” McGarry said, per PRWeek. “There was natural alignment between our communities, and it presented an opportunity to not only champion an inspiring creator but also tout the best chicken sandwich out there: the Chicken Shack.”