Just a couple of days after the legendary Tina Turner‘s passing at 83, a clip of a 1996 interview she did resurfaces across social media.

Since the passing of the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” fans and admirers are revisiting various interviews and performances while honoring her legacy. She made a significant impact as a Black woman singing rock music and was transparent about her troubles. Knowing the ebbs and flows of her relationship with her ex-husband Ike Turner, many viewed the icon as a strong, resilient, courageous woman.

According to CBS News, a clip floating around online showcased these qualities from a 1996 episode of 60 Minutes. During the interview, she took Mike Wallace on a tour of her home in France, where she had lived for a decade. 

Amazed at her mansion, Wallace asked Turner, “You feel like you deserve all this?” 

The “What’s Love Got To Do With It” singer responded by saying, “I deserve more,” while chuckling.

The love for Turner exceeded the recognition she received in her homeland. Her fan base was even larger overseas, unknown to many until this interview.

Despite owning businesses in the U.S., the Tennessee native revealed she didn’t see herself moving back to this country in the interview.

“I still don’t speak the foreign tongues over here yet. I still pay American taxes. I have property in America. All of my businesses run from America still,” she explained. “But in my heart? I don’t think I will go back home.”

Staying true to her word, Turner retired to Switzerland and resided there until she took her last breath.

Be sure to check out the icon’s 1996 CBS News interview.