It’s no secret that Tisha Campbell-Martin is an incredibly talented singer and dancer. Anyone who remembers her in School Daze by Spike Lee can attest to that. Now Campbell-Martin wants to remind us that she’s “Steel Here” with her brand new music video.

Now while most of us remember Campbell-Martin as Gina from the iconic sitcom “Martin,” she has always had a passion and a natural talent for entertaining. In 1993 she released the self-titled album Tisha, which is somewhat of a cult classic in many circles today. In “Steel Here,” Tisha Campbell belts lyrics about perserverance and survival.

“I’m owning my existence. It’s a system of survival/’Cause I’m my only rival. Yes I’m on a mission. I know I’m on assignment, The stars are on alignment”

It’s a powerful anthem that is paired with stunning visuals, and it’s a much-welcomed addition to the current R&B landscape. Bravo, Tisha!

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