Toni Morrison keeps it real on Trump

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| November 30 2016,

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Toni Morrison has always been known to tell it like she sees it as far as being black in America is concerned. The Nobel Prize winning novelist responsible for the Bluest Eye, Sula and Beloved has a wealth of first hand knowledge into the mindset of demagogues and their followers thanks to being a conscious black woman in America for nearly nine decades.

Ms. Morrison wrote a piece in the New Yorker titled Mourning for Whiteness. She gives her hypothesis as to why a person as woefully underqualified as Donald J. Trump has been elected to the highest office in America

Morrison's tact is simmering and subtle.  But, before you know it, your face is on fire

Morrison is one of the most venerable novelists in the history of America, and one of the sharpest too. She's not just a giant in literature, but a great thinker on social issues

Unfortunately, it's not like she can game America into being more respectful to their fellow human beings, but I'm here with popcorn to applaud every time she's clowns those deserving it, speaks for the downtrodden and uses words to black smack the enemies of diversity and tolerance

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Read her full essay on The Shadow League.

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