Shonda Rhimes made a statement this week. In the episode entitled, “The Lawn Chair” (written by @ZTerps), a young black male was shot and killed by a police officer just a few blocks from the White House. The episode resonated with many–as it had many similarities to the stories of other black men who have been gunned down in recent months.

But that was just a story…it was supposed to be hopeful. After the episode aired of the East Coast, Shonda tweeted: “In the end, we went with showing what fulfilling the dream SHOULD mean. The idea of possibility.  And NOT (as later added in her next tweet) the despair we feel now. #scandal.”

And this morning, many woke up with continued despair. On a day that was supposed to be uplifting the Black community, residents of Madison, WI took to the streets to unfortunately mourn the death of yet another young Black male.

On March 6, 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot and killed by a police officer. Reports from NBC News (and their affiliate stations) cite that Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said that Robinson was followed into a residence after causing a disruption with traffic and pedestrians. The reports continue to say that Robinson allegedly attacked the officer while in the building with him. The officer tried to resuscitate Robinson after shooting him, but…

We will wait for more reports, more details, more information. We will wait to hear both sides of the story. We will wait for answers. But, we will not wait for justice because #BlackLivesMatter. Tony Robinson’s life mattered.

See some tweets, below.

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