Shadow & Act has the trailer premiere for an upcoming comedy/mockumentary web series, described as "The Office meets Scrubs." 

Produced by Paula Ellis and Insecure's Jay Ellis, Hard Medicine will debut on the latter's Facebook page. The series was created by Melissa Eno Effa. Photo: Hard Medicine The season will consist of eight, 10-12 minute episodes, with a new episode being released each week. Hard Medicine centers around the quirky medical doctor of a low-income health clinic, who must maneuver between demanding corporate heads, outlandish patients, and her wacky but loyal staff all in an effort to keep the community’s haven of health care afloat

Nicole Slaughter is Dr. Moore, the sometimes awkward but loved lead doctor, who constantly faces opposition from corporate heads who want the clinic gone for good. Celeste Turner is Rose, the manager of the clinic. Creator Melissa Eno Effa is Clarissa, the rough-around-the-edges but loyal receptionist, Jeff Hunt is Jason, a nurse and Ashley Narvaez is the nurse assistant.

Watch the trailer below: