Rapper Trina is speaking out after video showed her allegedly responding to being called a racial slur at a Walmart in Cooper City, Florida.

According to TMZ,  witnesses said the rapper bumped into another woman at the store and the lady said, "Watch out, you n****r b***h." Video posted by TMZ shows Trina responding with an epic rant, telling the woman "say it again you dirty a*s b***h. I am a n****r b***h. Say it again. I dare you to say it."

In an interview with TMZ, Trina said she was shocked by the incident.

"This never happened to me," she said. "I was totally thrown off."

The rapper also said she didn't bump into the woman, but she approached the lady because she noticed her crying.

"I just looked over and was like, ‘Oh hi, are you okay?’ and she looked up like a demon, demonic very evil, satanic witch — and she was like ‘Get away from me you n****r b***h,'” Trina told TMZ.

The Miami native said her friend asked the lady to apologize, but the woman allegedly played coy.

"That’s when she just looked around acting belligerent like ‘why are you guys asking me, I don’t know anything’ and I said say it again,” Trina said. 

The self-described "baddest b***h" said she will not tolerate disrespect.

"This is not the 1800s, this is not the slavery days," she said. "You will get your ass whooped, so stop trying.”

Police didn’t take a report because Trina declined, but cops didn’t speak with the white woman, TMZ reported. 

Trina has a history of putting people in check when she feels they're getting out of line. During a March episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, the rapper went off on her longtime collaborator Trick Daddy after he said she needs to stop making "pretty records" and produce "ratchet" music.