A social media user who raised questions about Donell Jones' classic R&B hit, “Where I Wanna Be,” has sparked an online discussion about toxic songs from the past. 

"Y’all…..so i was listening to "Where I Wanna Be" by Donell Jones last night and got mad at how toxic that song and video is so I DM’ed him ……why he just respond," wrote the Twitter user, identified as Keisha from Belly.

Jones tried to explain himself in the response.

"It's a song and the video had nothing to do with how the song was written," the artist wrote. "A song is no different than a movie. Some are true stories, some are fake. The 'Where I Wanna Be' song was true, but the video was super fake and had nothing to do with the real story."

Despite Jones' effort to protect himself, people were not buying the explanation.

Considering the mixed message in the song, Jones' response created even more confusion.

Jones might have went just a little overboard with the explanation.

Consequently, dozens of people just realized what type of songs they were listening to during their childhood. That includes Avant's hit, “Don’t Take Your Love Away,” where he asks for his lover's forgiveness.

"See girl I know that I hurt you so (girl I know). All of those girls that were in my world (In my world), now Stacy and Kim, damn all of them," Avant sang. "Girl I want to give you everything that I can (everything yeah). I know you're tired of my game (of my game), tired of my lies (of my lies). Baby this time I promise it'll be alright." 

Avant's name came up again as people discussed his song, "4 Minutes."

"I only got 4 minutes to do what I gotta do, to prove to you that I'm gon' do anything," he sang. "Only got 4 minutes, say what I gotta say to make you stay and show you that I done changed. 'Cause in 4 minutes, I'll never have my girl again. In 4 minutes I'm a lose her to some other man."

Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" was among the songs that became a focus of discussion as social media users raised issues with toxic songs. People apparently had issues with Jackson swooning the queen in front of the king played by Eddie Murphy in the music video. 

Usher's name also came up as people noted several of his songs, including "Burn," "Confessions Part I and II" and "Bad Habits."

The discussion about toxic songs couldn't be complete without somebody bringing up Ne-Yo, especially noting the song, "Do You."

"Swear that I'm not tryin' to start no trouble. Tell your fiancé he can relax. I'll leave you alone for good, I promise. There's a question I just got to ask," Ne-Yo sang. "I just wonder. Do you ever think of me anymore? Do you?"

For fans who still enjoy classic artists such as Donell Jones, there is good news. According to Rated R&B, the singer plans to release a new album titled 100% Free in December. The R&B legend has also released the new song, “Karma.” 

Jones reflected on his past songs in an interview with Rated R&B.

“I would say Where I Wanna Be was my most personal album that I put out and Forever is no different than that,” he said. “Everything about Where I Wanna Be, I lived every moment of that and that’s why those songs are so personal. [Forever] is just the same. It’s my life, my struggles, growing up, life in general. I really feel like those two albums really do compare as far as me being a songwriter, musician and person.”