Americans were tuned into ESPN on Sunday to watch The Last Dance, a new 10-hour documentary about NBA legend Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

The documentary dominated social media Sunday night, with people discussing Jordan's legacy and the dynamics of the team behind the six-time champion, the Chicago Bulls. 

Amid conversation about the dominant basketball team, the internet zoned in on another moment. During an interview with former President Barack Obama about the Bulls' effect on pop culture and the city of Chicago, a label appeared identifying him as merely a former resident.

Obama spoke at length about being a huge Bulls fan at the time and being too broke to afford the team's high-priced tickets.

“When Michael first came to town, I didn’t have the money to buy tickets for Bulls games, even the discount ones back in the day. I was pretty broke, but suddenly you have a sports figure that puts Chicago on the map and that everybody was able to rally around,” Obama said in the documentary. 

The Athletic spoke with director Jason Hehir about the decision to label the former president as just a Chicago resident, and there was actually a sincere explanation.

Hehir told The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch that the titles were based on where the person was in their life at the time, explaining that this is also why Bill Clinton was referred to as the former governor of Arkansas.

The documentary takes an in-depth look into Jordan's rise to superstardom, his journey to becoming the best NBA player ever and the Bulls team that surrounded him.  

Here were some of the best responses from Twitter.

Even the Chicago Bulls team had something to say about how the former president was identified. 

Deitsch explained their funky way of identifying high-profile interviewees.

Many people on Twitter noted that Obama wasn't the only one identified in a strange way. The documentary also highlighted that Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time, so that is how they identified him. 

The jokes on Twitter were endless, with many people trying to combine Obama's current title with his past ones. 

Most people were unable to hold back the endless Michael Jordan GIFs that accurately captured how the ESPN doc had them rolling.

They even managed to get a few Mike Tyson GIFs in there too. 

While there were a few people who thought the descriptors were silly, and potentially a little insulting, most people found it pretty funny. 

The label was one of the few funny moments in the serious doc, which captures Jordan in his heyday.

The trending topic brought an enormous amount of love for the former president. 

As one user noted, regardless of your political affiliation, you have to admit that the ESPN tag was hilarious.

ESPN has already announced the very impressive slate of interview subjects featured in the documentary, which includes Obama, Clinton, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, Dikembe Mutombo, Magic Johnson, Nas, Justin Timberlake, Ahmad Rashad and Kobe Bryant.