One woman has shown us how important it is for black children to have a village.

Twitter user Nanasia Music wrote a thread detailing how she may have saved two black boys from going to jail.

Nanasia says she was in Walmart when she noticed two boys who were about to get in a lot of trouble and decided to intervene.

Most people would have scolded the boys and went about their way, but Nanasia says upon asking a few questions, she uncovered a heartbreaking story.

The boys were barely in their teens, and after the death of their mother, did not want to burden their struggling grandmother. Nanasia decided to become a member of their village. 

Nanasia says her actions were a byproduct of her upbringing. She was paying it forward. 

The security guard who had been watching them was not happy, though. 

Her followers applauded her for her actions, and wanted to help the boys too.

Walmart also tweeted Nanasia to express their admiration. 

She has not heard from the boys yet, but we hope they call their new big sister.