Beyoncé is back with an '80s fitness craze-inspired line for her new Ivy Park clothing campaign. The captivating minute and a half teaser, which dropped on YouTube on Thursday morning, showed the “Formation” singer serving Jane Fonda meets Dominique Deveraux realness.

The new video revealed deliciously candy-colored leotards, biker shorts and bra tops, crop tops, pantsuits and skirt sets. 

During the video, Queen Bey spoke about self-care, channeled her inner Olivia Newton-John with a homage to 80s aerobic workouts, including leg lifts and bicep curls. She also captured the second heir to the Knowles-Carter throne when Blue Ivy dropped into a split with the flexibility of a rubber band. 

According to the Ivy Park account on Instagram, the 39-year-old megastar titled the latest collection “Drip 2,” and it is scheduled to be released on Oct. 30. 

Twitter users hilariously responded in true Beyhive fashion.

One Twitter user indicated that Blue Ivy gave her mama a run for her money. 

“Not Blue ending her,” the tweet succinctly stated. 

One stan let everybody know that Bey was a professional, and her craft was unmatched.

The video even channeled Delbin Nunez’s inner Whitney Houston. He was so emotional that he dropped a teary-eyed gif with a hilarious caption. 

“I never cried so much watching a commercial,” he wrote. 

And one Twitter user just gave up on any efforts to save money. S.F. Flower Girl demanded Queen Bey take all of her money–even the money she did not have.

Ayanna wanted to know if the snatched waist, plump rump and perky boobs were included with the look.

“Does the body come w/ the fit,” she asked. 

Another Twitter user stated the obvious when she wrote the “Diva” singer got her swag from her mama.

"She looks just like Ms. Tina here,” wrote Hardest To Luve.

The new collection looks to be a bit more decadent than her previous collection. The brighter colors appear to be a hit with fans. Although the last collection sold out within minutes, the color palette was reminiscent of a prominent fast-food restaurant. Popeye’s Chicken seemed to be the inspiration for the previous color scheme, as Blavity previously reported.