Social media users are in their feelings after watching an ad for a date-night card game. The tear-jerking clip features a man who expresses his deep feelings as he sits down with his partner to play the game of Tonight’s Conversations Cards — Date Night Edition. 

The woman in the ad first pulls out a card and poses a question to her partner. 

“Why do you love me?” she asked. “That’s a simple question.”

The man first agreed that it’s a simple question, “But it ain’t a simple answer,” he said. He then took a deep breath and proceeded to eloquently answer the question. 

“Because of how you love me,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot and you’ve never seen me for what I’ve been through. You see me for the best that I give to the world and I give to my family. And when everything starts to weigh on me, you breathe life back into me. That’s why I love you.”

Still fighting to control his emotions,  the man had more to say.

“I love you because you’re you to me,” he said. “You’re a gift that I get to experience in this life until I don’t anymore, until I meet you again and I’m the woman and you’re the man. That’s why I love you. This thing was God-engineered. It’s perfect.”

As the man finished his answer, a voice can be heard in the background, saying, “Y’all gonna make me cry.”