Social media users are in their feelings after watching an ad for a date-night card game. The tear-jerking clip features a man who expresses his deep feelings as he sits down with his partner to play the game of Tonight’s Conversations Cards — Date Night Edition. 

The woman in the ad first pulls out a card and poses a question to her partner. 

“Why do you love me?” she asked. “That’s a simple question.”

The man first agreed that it’s a simple question, “But it ain’t a simple answer,” he said. He then took a deep breath and proceeded to eloquently answer the question. 

“Because of how you love me,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot and you’ve never seen me for what I’ve been through. You see me for the best that I give to the world and I give to my family. And when everything starts to weigh on me, you breathe life back into me. That’s why I love you.”

Still fighting to control his emotions,  the man had more to say.

“I love you because you’re you to me,” he said. “You’re a gift that I get to experience in this life until I don’t anymore, until I meet you again and I’m the woman and you’re the man. That’s why I love you. This thing was God-engineered. It’s perfect.”

As the man finished his answer, a voice can be heard in the background, saying, “Y’all gonna make me cry.”

The floodgates opened on Twitter as the ad went viral.

Ace Metaphor, the creator of Tonight’s Conversation Cards — Date Night Edition, said on its website that the deck of cards “invokes deep, stimulating, and tantalizing conversation.”

Ace Metaphor has also created other versions of Tonight’s Conversation Cards. Some of the other creations include The After Dark Edition, Intimate Edition and Relationship Debates.