America's Next Top Model was a smash hit during its nearly two-decade run on television.

Created by modeling legend Tyra Banks and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris in 2003, the show featured Banks putting aspiring models through the wringer as they sought to achieve their dream of modeling stardom.

Fans of the show often look back to episodes to see things they missed or forgot about, and on Thursday fans remembered all of the ridiculous challenges Banks put the contestants through on the show, as Blavity previously reported

One tweet had fans remembering some of the most outlandish challenges the aspiring models survived, kicking off a day of tweets reminding people of everything that went down on the competition reality show.

Here were some of our favorites. 

Some even referenced this now-cringeworthy scene. 

Others thought back to whether many of those who appeared on the show found success. 

Although some of it was fun and some were legitimate criticism, others came out to defend Banks.

Every few months, fans take to Twitter to remember the good days when America's Next Top Model was at its peak. 

Banks hosted 23 out of the show's 24 seasons but the last one was in 2018. The show has spawned dozens of spinoffs in countries across the globe and Banks has said she's interested in filming another season. 

"You know, we've done 24 cycles of America's Next Top Model and I feel that we that we should at least end at 25. At least do that," Banks told ABC Audio in February while announcing the launch of her model theme park ModelLand.

"So, we're seeing if that could happen. We shall see."