Ayesha Curry greeted her husband off the court with some confetti for a good day at work, and some guys on Twitter couldn’t handle it.

Specifically, guys who look to social media and take #RelationshipGoals a little bit too literal. Per usual, debates popped up on the TL that infuriated most of us. Here are the reasons we need to keep Ayesha Curry’s name off the TL in reference for how a woman should or shouldn’t be.

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

1. She’s not your poster child for patriarchy, she’s a human being

2. She’s also not an opportunity to flex all your feminism theory as this tweet accurately mocked


3. She can be on your vision board, but #RelationshipGoals does not mean recreate that relationship, because hint: it already exist. Do you, boo!

4. She got her good thing, now you go get yours. Because what is for you is for you.

5. She’s a whole human being, not characteristics to fit your narrow point of view.

6. But… adjectives can’t hate an individual?

7. If you want a supportive woman just go outside, beloved.

8. And stop reaching for someone who already found love

9. Regardless of your “type”, if her name includes a ‘Mrs.’ your chances are slim

10. And let’s keep it real, what you’re looking for is a supportive woman, and you probably shaded her for not looking like Ayesha.

11. And take your one-dimensional relationship theories off Twitter.

12. Because you will not prosper in the DMs with that attitude.

13. Just stop it.

14. And for the ladies out here actually taking into consideration these “looking for an Ayesha” tweets, please listen to Cardi B

15. Because the truth of the matter is…

So the lesson of the day is that women are human beings, not adjectives, and not clones of who men deem worthy of their attention. Fall in love with who you fall in love with, and if you haven’t yet, keep your bitterness to yourself.

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

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