You cannot simply squeeze a 20 year legacy into a two hour made for television movie. Somehow Toni Braxton made it work. Unbreak My Heart, the 2014 memoir detailing the singer’s humble beginnings to a shot at stardom followed by ugly headlines, illness and divorce premiered Saturday on LIfetime. Instead of giving you an exact play-by-play of the biopic, Twitter can take it from here.

Here is a dramatic retelling of the story in tweets.

Toni served as narrator, also lending her vocals for the movie’s soundtrack with Lex Scott-Davis as main character, providing a striking resemblance.

But the lip sync was a bit off.

As for the rest of the casting…

Holding true to the real story, Toni is offered a deal from LaFace records leaving her four singing sisters behind.

And the casting for Pebbles…

Moving out to Atlanta on her own for the first time, we see the early turmoil of Toni’s financial issues. Despite the media’s inaccuracies of how she went bankrupt the first time, the flimsy new artist deal is to blame. We even found out, Toni paid for much of her first tour out of pocket.

The public embarrassment of her credit card being declined.

And her style evolution, still unmatched. Boob job and all.

We learned Babyface’s testimony in court is what helped her win the suit against LaFace. A gag order prevented her from speaking about it for an extended period of time, namely the $20+ million she received.


Despite the lawsuit, Toni maintained her musical relationship with Babyface and L.A. Reid.

In the midst of reclaiming her career, Toni found love. She married Keri from Mint Condition.

Toni never publicly spoke of her abortion, and the film explained what led to the decision; her acne medication.

As her health begins to decline, Toni is open about her son’s autism diagnosis.

Even with her personal drama, Toni endured great pain watching her mother deal with her father’s infidelity.

Which prompted perhaps the most popular line of the film.

As her health began to decline, so did her marriage. Being the breadwinner took a toll on her relationship and soon came resentment. After being diagnosed with lupus and dealing with a lawsuit, bankruptcy number two hit.

Through it all, she came back for her sisters.

Moral of the story: you can’t keep a good woman down.

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