It’s a movie we’ve patiently waited for since hearing about it more than a year ago and now it seems Bolden!, a mythical account of the life of Buddy Bolden–the first Cornet King of New Orleans–could possibly be on the festival circuit the end of the year.

According to the StarNews, producer Jon Cornick explained the movie was still in the editing phase but that it might be seen in some film festivals toward the end of 2011.

If you’ll recall, the film is the directorial debut of jazz lover, musician and billionaire Dan Pritzker. It’s a biopic on the man considered to be the inventor of jazz. Charles “Buddy” Bolden was known as King Bolden, and his band was a top draw in New Orleans from 1900 until 1907, when he was incapacitated by schizophrenia.

The impressive cast includes Anthony Mackie, Jackie Earl Haley, Wendall Pierce, Michael Rooker, Reno Wilson, Omari Hardwick, Eugene Byrd, Omar Gooding, Lisa Arrindell Anderson and April Grace.

In an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2010, Mackie, also a New Orleans native, elaborated on the project saying…

[Bolden] was skeptical but by the time he put himself in the position to be able to record, he was in the nuthouse, the insane asylum. And he was in the insane asylum from the age of 30 until his mid 50’s, when he died. And you know at that time they just doped him up and put him in a room.

You listen to their styles and you listen to all the stories about him. You know, there’s a story that Buddy Bolden used to blow so hard he blew his brains out through the horn and that’s why he went crazy. There was a story, like in ’05 New Orleans, he would be playing on the West Bank and you would be able to hear him across the river in downtown New Orleans.

So you know there are so many stories about him and the way he played. And there are so many people who heard him and emulated his style. Wynton Marsalis took that, and [Louis Armstrong’s] Hot Five songs and all that, and gave us an idea of what he would have sounded like.

Until then, watch the trailer for Louis, the companion piece to Bolden!, which stars Anthony Coleman, Jackie Earl Haley and Arrindell Anderson. The silent flick was actually filmed at the same time and now is out on the festival circuit. It’s being screened with live musical accompaniment by Wynton Marsalis.