On Wednesday, Usher took to Instagram to share a heartwarming story about his son’s love for PinkPanthress. Naviyd managed to steal Usher’s phone just so he could send a direct message to the “Boy’s A Liar” artist. 

“So…a week or so ago, my son, Naviyd, stole my phone so he could DM his favorite artist @pinkpantheress,” Usher shared on his Instagram Story.

The 15-year-old, being a typical teenager, asked PinkPantheress for a follow on Instagram.

“Hello this is Usher’s son Naviyd I’m you [sic] true biggest fan,” he wrote. “Please follow me back 😞😞🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @naviyd I put him on to masterpieces🫡.”

It’s incredible how far people will go to connect with their favorite artists.

“hahahahahaa, this is wild!” PinkPantheress replied.


After discovering the Instagram messages, Usher shared his perspective on what had happened.

“Now, I just so happened to check my DMs earlier this past week and saw a message exchange from someone with a Powerpuff Girl as their profile pic…so I’m like, the hell is this?” Usher continued. “I open it, and I’m like, oh, this boy done DMd this girl from my damn phone.”

The following screenshots shared on Instagram showed Usher sending an apology to PinkPantheress.

“I’m so sorry … my son is a super fan,” Usher wrote.

 PinkPantheress responded with grace,

“Don’t apologise! happy to have this interaction,” she said. “I’d love to host y’all at the next show.”

According to Usher, he initially pretended that his son Naviyd “wasn’t allowed to go” to PinkPantheress’ Capable Of Love Tour because he had gone to great lengths to sneakily connect with her. However, he ultimately allowed Naviyd to attend the concert as a reward “considering his level of dedication and creativity.”

“I had to send him considering his level of dedication and creativity…to figure out getting your attention through stealing my phone…that’s commitment. Hopefully, you guys get to link,” He told the British artist through DM.

This led to a photo opportunity with PinkPantheress backstage and a FaceTime call with Usher.

“PARENTAL TAKEAWAY,” Usher wrote in conclusion. “This was a great moment for Naviyd … this was him movin on something he was passionate about. Yes… he violated my trust in the process and for that I will never trust him around my phone, but I should have known better. Nonetheless, I appreciate the hustle and him makin’ it happen. From a text, to a concert, to the artist. He masterminded this whole thing and made it happen.”