A viral video has been making its rounds on social media, captivating users with its main character — a white woman who looks to be arguing with flight attendants on a plane for not allowing her to breastfeed what was assumed to be a baby. After a few minutes of back and forth from other passengers, and the woman, the attendant pulls off the blanket covering the "baby" to reveal a stuffed Lynx cat on the plane. 

The absurdity of the video caught the attention of many, as it included several attention-grabbing themes like an unruly flight passenger and a Karen. Though, one Twitter user said there was more to the story than what was shown in the minutes-long TikTok video.

A man named Ryan Broderick searched into the video's origins and said that it was created by a Facebook called The Gooch, a source for viral videos.

"A Facebook video is uploaded to TikTok and then uploaded to Twitter where people briefly think it's real. But it's not the people on Facebook or TikTok who think these videos are real! It's the seemingly professional users on Twitter who keep taking the bait with this this stuff," he wrote. 

Broderick said that after discovering the Facebook page, he was directed to a statement that said the video was "for entertainment purposes only."