An eyewitness caught a violent man holding a Black man at knifepoint on video during an encounter in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Twitter user @tomorrowtambien recorded and shared two videos of the December 28 attack. According to local news outlet NBC 29, the incident occurred at Charlottesville's Downtown Mall around 6 p.m.

In the now-viral video, a man, who appears to be white in the blurry footage, points, holds the weapon to the victim's throat in what could be seen as a hostage situation. Shoppers and other bystanders glance over as the knife welder harasses the Black man but no one intervenes. 

Charlottesville Police was called out to de-escalate the incident. Officers were ultimately successful in arresting the unidentified knifeman without injury. The victim sustained a small cut on his hand and reportedly will recover soon. 

WCAV reports the man was arrested for attempted malicious wounding. The suspect was admitted to Western State Hospital and held under ECO for a mental evaluation, according to authorities. 

“After further investigation and viewing video of the incident, the officers obtained a warrant for attempted malicious wounding,” Sergeant Tony Newberry told WCAV. “Service of that warrant will be coordinated between police and the hospital.”

Authorities will release the suspect's name once a warrant is issued. Details regarding what initiated the encounter have yet to be discovered. A police investigation is still underway. 

This latest incident comes a little over a year since the violent Unite the Right rally overtook the Virginia city. 

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