Shortly after the release of the 52 minute Sandra Bland dashcam video, several people critical eye have pointed out that the footage appears to have been edited. Journalist Ben Norton pointed out discrepancies in the video yesterday, including specific times in the video where images are repeated.


“At 33:08, the exact same footage from 32:37 is repeated, followed by the same second white car at 33:17,“ Norton said on his blog.

Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma, weighed in on Twitter.

While the Texas Department of Public Safety is looking into the alleged edits, be reminded that had no one stood up and said anything in the first place, this would have been an open and shut case. Even after Sandra Bland’s family doubted her death was a suicide and after the public demanded that the dashcam be released, they appear to have released an edited version. This just goes to show the little respect black people receive, even in matters like these where officers clearly acted with negligence. From the looks of it, as this story unfolds, there will be no shortage of questions. Keep them coming!

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