Maaaan! Can Halle Berry buy a hit movie… soon? Might this be it? Based on the below trailer, I'm going to say that's a negative.

Brad Anderson directs Ms Berry and Morris Chestnut as Halle's cop lover in the thriller The Call (previously titled The Hive – and to be frank, while I don't particularly care for either title, if I had to choose one, I'd have stuck with The Hive).

The WWE Studios and Troika Pictures jointly production also co-stars Abigail Breslin, and is described as follows:

Set against the backdrop of a 911 call center, this fast-paced suspense pic will find Berry playing a 911 emergency operator who takes a call from a teenage girl (Breslin) who has been abducted and carried away in the trunk of a car. Berry's character must face her own fears in order to save the teenage girl from a disturbed killer. The kidnapping plays out in real time as the pair work together to track down the killer. 

Written by Rich D’Ovidio (Exit Wounds, Thir13en Ghosts), principal photography is took place last summer in and around Los Angeles. 

After the shark drama Dark Tide, released earlier last year, and the underwhelming Cloud Atlas, which has been all but forgotten at this point, Halle tackles her own version of The Slender Thread, with a serial killer twist.

Whatever luster her career once seemed to have post her Monster's Ball Oscar-winning performance seems to have all-but faded. Is she even much of draw anymore? Will Halle Berry's name on any movie theater marquee encourage you to buy tickets to see whatever film it is that she's in?

I can smell a Halle Berry career retrospective coming up soon…

The Call opens on March 15.