A new study examined what influences happiness in Gen Z, the generation between the ages of 12 and 26. Gallup and the Walton Family Foundation surveyed over 2,000 Gen Zers and examined the main factors influencing their happiness levels.

A sense of purpose at work or school was the leading factor. Yet, the study found that “between 43% and 49% of Gen Zers do not feel what they do each day is interesting, important or motivating.” Other drivers of happiness included basic needs and security, negative emotions and social pressure and positive social connections.

The study also found that Gen Zers who feel the happiest  “are at least twice as likely to say they often feel loved by, supported by and connected to those around them.” Yet, one in three feel they don’t receive frequent support from their peers.

“There’s this perception that Gen Z is really connected, but are those connections of a high quality in there? Are they giving you the love and the support that you really need?” Zach Hrynowski, the author of the survey’s report and a senior researcher at Gallup, told CNBC.

Experts point to social media as a sort of junk food of social connections.

“Just like junk food, you can eat it, you’ll feel fulfilled for 10 [to] 15 minutes, but it’s empty calories, and you find yourself not being fulfilled in the way that you need in terms of your genuine social connections,” Hrynowski added.

He says it is important Gen Zers don’t rely on social media to interact with their friends and that they should prioritize in-person interactions.

“Those folks who are spending more time in person with their friends and their loved ones” are more likely to feel fulfilled long-term,” Hrynoski said.