The “Christian BBL” has become a trending topic on social media after a Nigerian influencer said she had the procedure done as a nod to her Christian faith. But everyone is trying to understand what it means.

According to Complex, Sophiology, born Sophia Idahosa, posted a 39-minute video to her YouTube channel explaining why she decided to get a “Christian BBL.” The 25-year-old said she visited Dr. Jung Money in Houston for liposuction and a fat transfer to her hips, with six months to recover.

Idahosa’s revelation sparked social reactions on X, formerly known as Twitter, after users questioned how the popular procedure is linked to Christianity. However, she talked about her faith in God and advocated for other women “not accepted” by everyone.

“I have never presented myself to be [a] holy, perfect example,” she said at the 6:30-minute mark in the video. “I’ve always vouched for the girls that love God and are not accepted by others.”

In a separate video shared on X, Idahosa explained that she was pro-surgery despite other Christians favoring natural bodies over surgical enhancements.

“Don’t get me wrong. I get there’s people that are, like, pro-natural bodies, like ‘don’t do anything to yourself, don’t get veneers,'” Idahosa said in the video. “I’m not personally that person. I’m here for anything that makes you look better, feel better, have more confidence and just enjoy your life.”

She continued: “Whatever choices I make in my life … have your disappointment and make a decision. Do you love me? Yes or no?”

Idahosa received mixed reactions on the social media platform from users who struggled to understand the meaning of a “Christian BBL.”

“A Christian BBL?!?” one social media user wrote.

“I woke up to seeing “Christian BBL” and “Double BBL,” another person wrote.

“I’ve been screaming at the idea of a Christian BBL for the last 13 hours,” a third X user wrote.

There were many other X users that had something to say about the phrase “Christian BBL”: