Another day, another story about a white woman who couldn’t mind her doggone business.

Two Black women went to a Tennessee Target to purchase a phone charger. While they were in the store, one asked the other to try on a hat that resembled the one Eartha Kitt wore in Boomerang.

“I told my friend to try on a hat that looked like something Eartha Kitt’s character would wear in the film, and she said no because her character had sex with a younger man,” one of the women, who didn’t want to be identified, told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Suddenly, a wild Becky appeared from behind an accessories display.

“She told us, ‘You shouldn’t be talking about sex,’” the woman added. “We were confused — then, she came around the corner with her shopping cart and started ranting, ‘You don’t belong here’ and calling our conversation inappropriate.”

The pair tried to disengage, but the unidentified woman wouldn’t leave them alone.

“I didn’t realize talking about sex in public was normal. I know you’re trained on lying. You’re perfect for the court system because you’re all trained liars,” the white woman said in a video recorded by one of the women.

Eventually, a Target employee stepped in to diffuse the situation, but ol' girl wasn’t having it. When the women completed their purchase and left, the Becky was still acting a fool. They were grateful for the understanding employees.

“The employees could have easily kicked us all out of the store, but they took the time to listen,” the shopper added.

One of the women posted the video and later deleted it, according to the New York Daily News. It went viral and like other white nuisances, she received nicknames including “Target Tammy” and “Target Teresa.”

Target has not yet commented on the incident.

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