The Miss Universe Zimbabwe competition returned recently after a 22-year hiatus and crowned Brooke Bruk-Jackson to represent the South African country.

According to Essence, the 21-year-old Zimbabwe native and model received mixed reactions on social media following her win on Saturday.

The online critics questioned why Bruk-Jackson, a white woman, was selected to represent an African nation. They also mentioned several Black women were contestants in the event. However, the 21-year-old was chosen to represent a country with a predominantly Black population because she’s a white woman.

One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a photo of Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe organization. Her LinkedIn account shows she’s been in the role for 22 years.

The user insinuated the system was flawed against Black contestants because a white woman was head of the event.

“This is the president of the Miss Universe organization. Now tell me why TF I would care about this organization and who they pick. If you understand the world you’ll understand how the system runs! That’s not MY PICK, that’s not MY MISS ZIMBABWE. Leave me the fawk alone with the stupid sh**,” the user wrote.

“Lmao the shot is still tragic though!! All those beautiful melanted women and you telling me the European woman won a contest for black people!!??” another said.

Users continued sharing their thoughts on Bruk-Jackson’s controversial win in separate posts on the platform.

“There’s no way Zimbabwe has a white woman for this year’s Miss Universe …..” one commenter wrote alongside a meme graphic.

“Pana Miss Universe Zimbabwe I don’t want to be racist but It’s not giving Zimbabwe,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, some users defended Bruk-Jackson’s win and called out those who reacted to the news because she’s white.

“Americans by IG are pressed that a white woman won Miss Universe Zimbabwe 😂😂😂. They don’t realize we ain’t racist here like their degenerate nation,” a user said.

“I think there’s nothing wrong with having a non-black Miss Universe Zimbabwe. What doesn’t sit well with me is how the black folk are overly excited about Brook’s skin color and not whether or not she was an exceptional contestant. Y’all loathe yourselves,” another user wrote.