4Batz made a massive splash in late 2023 through early 2024 when he released a two-pack of tracks titled “act I: stickerz 99” and “act ii: date @ 8.” The up-and-coming Dallas vocalist has rapidly inspired droves of listeners to flock to his music through his infectious rhythms, surprising vocal range, and interesting musical concepts. While many newcomers to the music industry are forced to grind it out for years online before building up a big enough buzz to be discovered, 4Batz managed to catch the attention of industry giants like Kanye West, Timbaland, and Drake after dropping just a small handful of tracks. Most people reading this likely became familiar with 4Batz after “act ii: date @ 8” went mega-viral on social media apps such as TikTok. Thanks to its viral success, the song quickly climbed the Billboard charts, peaking at number 7 on the Hot 100 list.

Since he blew up so fast, some fans have been quick to label 4Batz an industry plant. While many other artists would shy away from accusations like this, Batz addressed this criticism first-and-foremost on his first ever EP, which dropped in May of 2024. Let’s take a look at the young artist’s brief but memorable body of existing work, and dissect the origins of 4Batz, before he undoubtedly becomes one of the biggest names in the music industry.

4BATZ Is a Product of the Internet Era

While popular musicians have been spawning through the internet for over a decade now, never before has there been such a clear translation of internet stardom than there is with 4Batz. The 20-year-old singer grew up in Dallas, Texas, and honed his craft behind the scenes for several years before releasing his music to the public. Batz’ first major break came when he appeared on the hit web show From The Block, which highlights undiscovered local artists from across the country. 4Batz’ December 2023 performance of “act ii: date @ 8” shocked viewers of the series, as the laid-back melodic rhythms seemed completely incongruous with the rapper’s ski mask-clad drill aesthetic.

From there, 4Batz’ music continued to spread across social media like wildfire, serving as the backing music to a wide array of viral videos from users across the world. With only one EP and a few singles available to stream at the time of this writing, 4Batz touts an incredible following of just under 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His official TikTok account boasts just under 1 million followers as well, proving that Batz is more than just a viral sound or a one-hit wonder.

4Batz Has Worked With Drake & OVO Sound

Perhaps the most surprising reaction to 4Batz’ overnight success came from pop music legend Drake himself, who jumped on a remix of “act ii: date @ 8” before signing Batz to a distribution deal with his OVO label. The deal with OVO only obligated 4Batz to deliver a single EP, which released on May 3, so he is currently a free agent as far as the public is aware. The project, titled u made me a st4r, contains 11 tracks, and carries a feature from Kanye West. While u made me a st4r is certainly a welcome expansion to 4Batz’ limited catalogue, the project may have dropped at the worst possible time, as it released on the very same day that Kendrick Lamar and Drake exchanged vicious diss records aimed at one another, in the midst of their ongoing public feud.

Despite his OVO debut being highly overshadowed by the beef, 4Batz has continued to make waves online, by taking the industry plant allegations by the horns within the tracklist of his new project. The very first track on u made me a st4r is an intro skit titled “umademeast4r.mp3,” which opens with a mash-up of audio clips from multiple media figures questioning his validity as an organic artist. Batz concludes the skit by suggesting he’s just as surprised as we are at his overnight success, and refers to himself as “one of the biggest artists in the world.”

Everyone Is Waiting On His Next Move

While u made me a st4r was certainly a strong first step in 4Batz’ career trajectory, fans are still eagerly awaiting the budding singer’s first full-length LP. For now, it seems that Batz has fulfilled his one EP distribution deal with OVO, opening him up to sign with just about any label he wants moving forward, or remain fully independent if he chooses. At this moment, the possibilities seem endless for the viral sensation, though the success of his next project could be his make-it or break-it moment.

Regardless of what happens next, 4Batz has established with his pitched-up smoker’s anthems and toxic love ballads that he is a flagship artist of the TikTok generation. For now, only time will tell how far he can climb, though his future looks highly promising.