You learn how to be alone

There are few life lessons more important than learning how to be alone. While human interaction is both important and necessary, there are times in life when being alone is a part of the present journey. Being by yourself can be a satisfying  experience that promotes growth. You learn things about yourself that aren’t as apparent when others are around, and you realize things about yourself that you really love.    

You can do what you want to do

When you’re traveling with others, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to change your schedule to accommodate for others. You wanted to stay in that famous Bicycle Museum, but you’re friend just had to get to that lake (that you’re not that impressed with) earlier than necessary. Traveling alone eliminates the sacrifice of your desires for the likes of others. Running into an incredible museum or a beautiful landmark may lend itself to some extra hours of exploration. And that’s ok. Being alone gives you the chance to let those unexpected adventures evolve without the wants of others looming over your head.  

You realize just how smart you are

Traveling in new places can be daunting at times. While we live for the idea of getting lost and finding uncovered paths, being in a new place with a new language can also be a hotbed of accidents. Valuable items get stolen, wrong trains are used for transport, and natives can try taking advantage of you when they see you’re alone. When mishaps happen on the road, it’s important to keep your cool and figure out reasonable solutions. These difficult responses are even harder to do when you’re alone. Challenges breed improvement, though, and solo travelers find themselves being more resourceful in those times of uncertainty. Learning how to navigate difficult situations and trusting yourself with hard decisions are some of the most important things you can do in life. Traveling alone makes these learning experiences inevitable.

You meet really awesome people

Sitting at a coffee shop alone or sightseeing without a companion by your side makes for some interesting experiences. You notice people you might not have otherwise paid any attention to, and others are more susceptible to come up and talk to you. People that you meet while traveling can lead to new experiences for your trip and life-long friendships. When you aren’t only focusing on the friends around you, you’re more open to following up on the conversation you had with your barista or joining new people you met on your day-trip tour group for aperitivo.  

You grow as a person

Traveling alone brings its own set of adventures and unforeseen experiences that change you for the better. You see the world from a different standpoint when you aren’t surrounded by the opinions of others, and you learn more about your own values and understanding of the world. Traveling alone brings about a multitude of qualities, including discipline, patience and acceptance. While you can certainly develop these with others, traveling alone offers the unique experience of doing it without the influence of other people, making things much clearer than ever before.

Written by Kayla Stewart on Las Morenas de Espana

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