As I sit here with my earbuds plugged in listening to T.I's new Floyd Mayweather diss track, "F**k N***a," I think about what the rapper is saying about the boxer: People are struggling. Who did you help?

Rather than wasting my time on an individual who would rather spend a few racks in the Gucci store and go on record to throw it in the faces of those taking a greater stance, I would rather talk about how Black men like T.I. are necessary to the cause. And save your foolishness by telling me that he is just mad because of his beef over Tiny, or that Floyd gave people jobs and has helped people, too. Yeah, so has Donald Trump. Do you see where I am going with this?

T.I., a product of Atlanta, a child of the streets, a veteran rapper and multi-millionaire, makes it his business to make a difference. He joins a long list of celebrities and athletes who have used their platform and financial status to bring change and awareness. People like Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali, John Carlos and numerous others come to mind.

I'm very impressed with T.I.'s quickness to be vocal about issues and causes in the Black community, but I'm even more impressed with his actions. Yet, there are folks out there who would rather stand behind Floyd Mayweather because he has chips and is openly flagrant while pissing on those who have come before him. Where they do that at?

Is your blackness rooted in money, cars and material objects? Is your blackness rooted in flamboyancy? Is it rooted in selfishness or shucking and jiving? If so, your black card should be undeniably revoked.

Let’s take a look at what Tip Harris has done:

He has bought the block, literally. Teaming up with Killer Mike and other developers, he has invested millions of his own money and sweat equity into revitalizing his former neighborhood in the Center Hill section of Atlanta off Bankhead Highway. Purchasing blighted buildings and corner lots in hopes of making the destitute community livable and providing affordable housing for everyday people.

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“So many times, our answer to fixing things is 'I'm gonna make some money and leave all these people behind.' There's rarely intent to get rich and make where you came from better for generations to come. It's extremely ambitious, but I've worked myself to a place where I should be the one leading the charge. In my mind, that's what it means to be king,” said T.I. in an interview with Inc. Magazine.

His humanitarianism has proved tremendous, from purchasing Christmas presents for children of single mothers, blowing a bag in department stores by footing the bill for working class people, co-founding a Black owned fashion brand Akoo, and creating the Give Like a King foundation, which provides homeless veterans with housing, meals, health care, substance abuse and mental health counseling, job training and placement assistance. Add to that, free concerts in Memphis, back to school giveaways and the list goes on.

T.I. has done that — all of that.

So no matter your opinion on the beef he has with "Money Mayweather" or the Gucci boycott, remember T.I. has been "that dude" — a Black man with a criminal past, record of wrongs, who has made turning his life around and attainment of wealth into a mission of helping the Black community.

On the other hand, Floyd is the equivalent of rich white folks who give Black people some "stuff" in an attempt to act as if they stand for our progress.

Yes, Mayweather might have a foundation, he might donate here and there, but his mission is not for the betterment of lower class people by remembering where he came from, but for his own benefit. He has made it relatively clear by going on record stating that he prefers to spend his money on himself and that donating to causes is not a big concern.

Don’t expect Mayweather to use his platform for anything to empower us as African-Americans. He doesn’t even believe in Africa, as he stated in an interview from 2017:

"People say ‘well, he got all this money, why is he not giving to Africa?' Well, what has Africa given to us?"

All I can say about that is, he is no Ali. In my opinion, he might as well be a Donald Trump in black face.

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