107-year-old Herlda Senhouse is looking forward to voting in the upcoming midterm election. So much so that she wants all Americans to join her. She took the time to record a Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) video to encourage young people to “get up and get to that voting place as soon as you can get there.” Like our favorite First Lady, Michelle Obama, Mrs. Senhouse believes we can only expect better electoral outcomes when we all vote.

Herlda Senhouse was born in West Virginia in 1911, but at age 16 she moved to Massachusetts to live with family and attend high school. While many Black and Native Americans are still battling systemic racism that seeks to disenfranchise us, in 1936, Mrs. Senhouse had the rare privilege of casting her first vote — and she hasn't missed an election since.

You can watch a clip of Mrs. Senhouse’s GOTV video below. You can watch the full video online to hear her talk about casting a ballot for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in her first presidential election, and to get her thoughts on the current state of American politics.