A sentimental video was posted on Saturday by Will Smith to celebrate his eldest child, Trey Smith’s 31st birthday. In the touching Instagram reel, the 55-year-old described his three decades as a father.


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“Happy Bday, T-ball. You are responsible for some of the highest experiences of my life. You introduced me to the true definition of Love! I met God in your eyes,” the caption reads.

He shared footage from his 2021 memoir — Will, on his birthday post. The 1997 hit “Just the Two of Us” played as the video’s background music.

“Willard Carroll Smith III was born on Nov. 11, 1992. From birth, we called him Trey ’cause he was the third Willard Smith,” Will said at the beginning of the video.

The Academy Award winner expressed the deep-rooted fear of being a first-time father.

“That night, I don’t think one wink I slept. As I slipped out my bed to your crib, I crept. Touched your head gently, felt my heart melt. ‘Cause I know, I loved you more than life itself. Then, to my knees, and I begged the Lord, please. Let me be a good daddy, all he needs. Love, knowledge, discipline too. I pledge my life to you,” Will rapped.

“Could I put food on the table and keep the lights on without fail? Would I be strong enough to fend off someone who came to kill him? It’s 3 a.m., I’m on my knees, I’m just a little boy. I never wanted my daddy so bad in my life,” Will continued.


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“And then, something clicked. Deep in a place where nothing had ever clicked before. A decision. An iron-cladconviction. I wiped my tears, I stood up, I gently touched Trey’s head,” he added. “And I knew there were only two possibilities, I was gonna be the best father this planet had ever seen. Or two, I was gonna be dead.”

Will shares Trey with ex-wife Sheree Zampino, who has also posted an Instagram tribute for him.

“Happy 31st Birthday, my LOVE,” she wrote in her caption, including a picture of Trey.