That moment when your white privilege gets you -- nowhere -- well, except jail. 

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw was pulled over after speeding through a four-way stop in Bluffton, South Carolina, at 60 miles per hour (30 miles per hour over the speed limit) and was found to have a 0.18 alcohol content level. Boom -- DUI comes at you fast. 

According to the Island Packet, the list of things Cutshaw tried to use to her advantage included: her high GPA and National Honor Society membership, the fact she was a cheerleader, her partner being a cop, being a member of a sorority and graduating from a "high accredited university." 

When all that didn't work, she proudly told the officers she shouldn't be arrested because she is a "clean, thoroughbred, white girl."

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When the cops side-eyed her with confusion, she retorted, "You’re a cop, you should know what that means," reported VICE

Oh, Bluffton Becky. We know what you mean. They know what you meant. 

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“Making statements such as these as a means to justify not being arrested are unusual in my experience as a law enforcement officer and I believe further demonstrate the suspect’s level of intoxication,” one of the officers wrote in the official police report.

Regardless, none of it worked. 

The 32-year-old was arrested anyway, was booked at the Beaufort County Detention Center and was charged with speeding, disregarding a stop sign, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and of course the ultimate DUI.

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